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MBPA Newsletter

Monache Band

Parents Association

October 2018

Dear Parents and Students,

It is just about the time of year when we finish our field show and begin our competition season. The kids are excited about the progress they are making musically and visually. Parents, thank you for your commitment in making sure your young people arrive at practice on time and as soon as possible from sporting events.

Our first competition this year will be at the Visalia Invitation, in Visalia, Ca. I will send home an itinerary for each event just as soon as I have performance times. Do expect our day to begin @6:30 on the morning of Visalia. The band will enter parade competition at 10:30 and enter field competition at 4:15pm. The Selma Band review will be on October 27th and like Visalia will start early and we will be back in the evening. Some yeas as late at 11:00pm.

Thank you to all the parents who have helped with halftime refreshments. Our students appreciate all of you do for us. We only have one game left so on game weeks be looking for an email asking for donations. If you’re able to help thank you!!!

When the band travels out of town please be aware I am only able to release students to their parents. This is school board policy. I often get asked if a parent can take another child with them for various reasons. This will put everyone in an awkward situation, if there are any extenuation circumstances please contact me a couple days before the event so we can go through the proper channels. Otherwise if you would like to take your student after an event we will be at the buses with sign out sheets.


Justin Adams

From the President

If you need information about your Band member’s Student Account balance please contact Joada Morris 719-5710.

Do You Need Student Account Info???

Need scheduling information? Need info on a fundraiser? Need a form your student requires? Need to order a shirt? There’s a place you can go to find everything you need in reference to the Marauder Band! Just go to our website.


Happy Competition Month!

Hope everyone is excited to watch the band compete this month! We have two com-petitions this month…..Visalia is Saturday, October 20th and Selma is Saturday, October 27th. We will need parents to volunteer some time helping. We need parents to help serve the kids meals and we need help getting equipment to the field. If you are planning to attend these competitions, please come and spend the day helping the band. It is an amazing experience working with the students!

Thursday, October 11th is the last home football game. This will be our Seniors last home football game. We are asking for donations of pies for the halftime snack. It is a band tradition to have pie for the last home game each season. Please make sure you bring pies at call time or bring them out to the stadium before halftime. Thank you to everyone for all of the snack donations this year! The students really appreciate having something to eat after they perform.

East Coast Trip payments are due again now. Please make sure that payments are made each month. As we move along with life the tours, transportation, shows and hotels are being booked each month for our trip along the east coast. Payments can be made at Hanson Travel or through band. If you have any questions about your student’s account please ask.

We will continue to offer fundraising each month for the students. If you have any fundraising ideas that you would like to share or if you have a fundraiser that you would like to be in charge of please join us at the band parent meeting. The meeting will be in the campus center on Thursday, October 4th at 6:30 p.m. Hope to see you all there

Amy Angle

MBPA President